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What I do...

I heal and empower by synergising your body, mind and spirit to unleash your authentic greatest self to the world... rebirthing a new you within you. 

Why I do it...

I strongly believe that the body, mind and spirit must be aligned in order to achieve optimal health and a purposeful life.

How I do it...

Assessing your lifestyle, mind, habits, diet and overall health. An individual and personal approach to a personal journey of self-renewal through self-awareness and hygienic nutrition.

Where I do it...

A comfortable environment that allows you to feel totally relaxed and able to give your full undivided attention and energy to the sessions. 

White Branch





Self Esteem


Learn coping techniques, manage challenging situations and maintain peace wherever you go, whatever you do. 

White Sand and Stone




Wellness Plan

Work/life Balance

Stress Management

Create a healthier and happier lifestyle balance so you can become more productive in all areas and live a quality life.

Marble Surface






Emotional & Healing

Invest in YOU! 

Overcome past traumas, fears, issues. Discover your authentic self and step into your greatness.

body, mind & spirit

A holistic approach of encompassing the three key elements of the functioning body, will transform your thinking, actions and inevitably your results.…all three are key!



Healing the natural way, is the only way to prolong life and benefit from ultimate health and vitality.


Mother Nature created us to be healthy, happy and in harmony with the natural laws of life.


We just have to live a disciplined life that is well balanced, non-excessive and healthful so we can build and maintain supreme health and wellbeing.

Michele d Moore

Whether you want to overcome trauma, depression, low self esteem or improve your poor diet and lifestyle habits, I will help you heal your spirit, reprogram your mind and rewrite the script of you so you can take control of your life.

Invest in YOU on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. 


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