7 Steps to Living Life Holistically!

Invest in yourself - make the time and apply these practices to help you maintain that healthy balance of the body, mind and spirit.
"Accept that you can’t change the past... but it doesn’t determine your future."

1| Reflect and Reward

Set aside some quiet time to reflect and acknowledge your achievements over the last few months. Make a list of your main highlights and try to take your mind back to each event. Go back and read your list out loud taking a pause at each item to say ‘thank you’. This will allow your mind to process your positive results and having gratitude will allow more greatness to flow through you. It’s important to reward yourself at regular intervals for the hard work you’ve done. It will encourage the subconscious mind to continue delivering amazing results.

2| Put it to Rest

Forget all the niggling negatives that have occurred and get rid of them once and for all to ensure they don’t creep into your new chapter. Write a list of these of things that didn’t go your way and accept that you can’t change the past but it doesn’t determine your future. The only time you have to make a change is ‘now’, so focus on becoming a better you right now. Take your list and burn it safely outside watching the paper disintegrate into ashes. This will help to burn it out of your subconscious mind and your energy zone.

3| Create Your Mind Map

Get a blank sheet of paper and draw a small simple outline of yourself in the middle. Draw a line from yourself outward and label it by writing an area you wish to focus on i.e. career, health, family etc. Continue to draw more lines from yourself in different colours to represent a specific aspect of your life. Within each section, draw additional lines and write what each of these areas mean to you or the goals you have within them. As you draw your mind map you will see a clearer picture to help you achieve personal or professional success.

4| Stay Balanced with Meditation

Switching off and pressing that pause button to the outside world and everyday life is extremely essential to maintaining balance within, which is paramount to being in control of your life. Set aside 15-30 minutes each morning and night to zone in and connect with your inner source. Find a quiet space to sit comfortably with or without soft meditation music. Relax your whole body from head to toe and take long deep breaths, pausing for two seconds in between. As you concentrate on your breath, imagine breathing in positive thoughts and exhaling the negative.

5) Three is The Magic Number

Start with a fresh approach by setting three mini goals to benefit your mind, body and spirit each day. Whether it’s taking a yoga class, climbing the stairs instead of the elevator, visualising your dreams or spending an hour a day reading – do them with ease. These should not be tasks that become a chore to accomplish but pleasurable activities to help you stay balanced.

6| 30 Minutes or on The Hour

Daily exercise is a key component to a healthy and happy you, though making time can sometimes be the issue. Try to allocate 30 minutes every day to some form of physical activity that gets your heart pumping or makes you work up a sweat. If you are tied to your desk and time doesn’t allow, you can still get active. Get up and get moving on the hour every hour you are free to so do. Walk to another office or around the house. Just get moving, our joints were made for us to move.

7| Daily Dose

This is your daily medicine to living a fulfilling and rewarding life. Connect with your positive emotions by doing something that makes you laugh or smile. Reach out to a friend or family member with a phone call or text. Give to someone in need by offering them money, advice or a helping hand. Compliment or show someone your appreciation. These little daily doses will uplift your spirit and propel you into the next day full of positive energy. If consistently practiced you will feel exhilarated and eagerly prepared to embark on anything you set your mind on.


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