Why Holistic?

Synergising the body, mind and spirit 

By applying natural health and hygienic practices that will aid in the restoration and preservation of health by natural unadulterated means will let your body become the only medication needed and provide the necessary conditions required to combat and prevent disease and problems such as...

Most common diseases are caused from a disorder of the digestive system due to bad food combinations and poor lifestyle habits.


Excessive activity such as eating, exercise and work all deplete vital nerve energy necessary for the body to heal, fight disease and execute basic functions.


It is important to expel toxins and impurities from the body that have accumulated over the years.

Longer Life

A prolonged and healthful life can be achieved when the natural laws of holistic health are applied - sunshine and natural light, pure water, rest and sleep, exercise, clean air, cleanliness, right temperatures,  natural foods, emotional poise and nurturing relationships. 

Weight Loss

The body will naturally lose any excess weight when body, mind and spirit are nurtured in the right and natural way.


Creating a healthy internal environment is the foundation to a healthy external environment and a life of love not stress.